About Us

Your ADA Compliance Partner

ADA Web Protect is a USBLN member Company that provides comprehensive ADA compliance solutions in support of the fast-growing lawsuits created by the TITLE 3 American Disabilities Act (ADA)

We offer a range of services that allow companies to get, stay and keep compliant to ensure your companies maximum protection from the growing risk of lawsuits currently exploding in the marketplace

Our technology partners ADA Accessibility Project Management Platform is the Industries most powerful management tool that allows our team, webmasters or developers to efficiently manage the complexities of web site ADA compliance.

We provide complete front to back services that can accommodate any companies needs and size.

Finally, we offer third-party validation and Accessibility Certification for clients who use our services to monitor and maintain ongoing compliance.

We start with a free site Autoscan that we allow us to evaluate your current exposure, we then follow that with a free consulting review where we lay out a pathway to the compliance program.

The first step is easy and free !! Start Now!