Free Web Site Scan and Evaluation

We offer a free initial Compliance evaluation that provides us a snapshot as to your company’s level of compliance. This evaluation includes a free site auto scan that scans and reports an overview of a sites noncompliance issues.

Free Consultation

Once we complete the initial evaluation and scan, we internally review and analyze the results with our compliance team. We then take those results and develop a personalized pathway to achieving and maintaining compliance plan.

Powerful Compliance Management Platform

Our technology partners ADA Accessibility Project Management Platform is the Industries most powerful management tool that allows our team, webmasters or developers to efficiently manage the complexities of web site ADA compliance.

The process of actually fixing noncompliant issues within a web site is complex and timely. This platform allows our team, a companies internal team or web developers a comprehensive compliance management platform that efficiently manages all aspects of Identifying, fixing and tracking compliance issues. The platform also records and reports a complete history and record of compliance actions achieved by each client.

Third Party Compliance Monitoring

We provide ongoing third-party compliance monitoring services by IAAP certified technicians. Our monitoring services are designed to assist companies to maintain compliance as sites updates and change are initiated and to historically record compliance levels.

Web Developers

We have special programs for developers to help get in front of this emerging compliance mandate for their clients. By accessing our proprietary Compliance Management Platform, web developers can efficiently manage all aspects of the compliance process. In addition, the platform tracks and maintains a historical record all compliance actions for each client. We back this with training, consultation and monthly reviews that ultimately leads to client


Certification For companies that engage our enterprise compliance services we offer a Certification plan where we validate companies best case efforts to achieve and maintain ADA compliance. Title 111 ADA Act requires companies to demonstrate the best case efforts. Our Enterprise program provides third-party confirmation of clients ADA compliance actions and details historical reporting of those actions.

ADA WEB PROTECT certification offers the maximum level of compliance and legal protection. In the unlikely case, any of our Certified clients are sued we provide compliance witness testimony and proof of compliance actions at no charge.

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