Is my company required to be ADA Compliant

Pursuant to TITLE 3 of the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Companies,(regardless of size, type or market) are now required to have their websites, mobile apps, and digital content ADA compliant.

What is WCAG and ADA Compliance

ADA and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG – often pronounced “wuhcag”) were developed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and are widely accepted as the go-to standard for digital accessibility conformance. They serve as the basis of most accessibility regulations worldwide and are applicable across all current and future digital technologies.

WCAG has three levels of conformance: A, AA, and AAA. Level A refers to the lowest level of conformance (minimum) and Level AAA is the highest (maximum). Most organizations set their standards at level AA because it is both achievable and meaningful, without being too disruptive to the design and development process.

In June 2018, the W3C released WCAG 2.1 – the first major update to WCAG requirements in a decade. This update introduced 17 new success criteria improving WCAG coverage for ADA Compliance for Website accessibility refers to the process, ( using WCAG 2.1 Guidelines ) of removing barriers that prevent interaction with website content by people with disabilities. When websites, applications, mobile apps, and PDFs are correctly designed and developed, all users will have equal access to information and functionality regardless of disabilities.

Companies must demonstrate best case efforts to achieve compliance in order to protect themselves from lawsuits and costly mandated web site changes

What Is a Website Disability Access Lawsuit?

Website disability access lawsuits allege that a consumer-facing website is discriminatory because it contains certain barriers making it not accessible to individuals with a visual, auditory, or other disability. These web access lawsuits are being brought under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act as well as the many state non-discrimination laws. The costs associated with these lawsuits can be significant both in defending and long-term remediation efforts to the website itself. Moreover, attorneys’ fees are recoverable under the ADA, and adding to the potential exposure is the minimum statutory penalties that are available

Why Should my business become ADA Digital Compliant?

With all of the money at stake in ADA website compliance litigation (from legal fees, court-ordered cures, settlements, and verdicts), all companies with a web presence should seriously consider making the business decision to bring their websites up to WCAG 2.1 standards. The cost of compliance at the front end is always exponentially less expensive than addressing issues after a Plaintiff’s lawyer has a target in their sights.

ADA Compliance lawsuits more than doubled in 2018 and are projected to multiply by up to 5X in 2019. Lawsuits are not limited to bigger companies as proof in many smaller companies have been recently hit by lawsuits.

Finally, ADA Compliance can enhance your brand, expand your market base and drive innovation as new ADA complaint services and products demand integration.

What about my Mobile App?

All digital online content is required to meet ADA WCAG standards, not only your mobile app, but this also includes digital email marketing and PDF linked content.

Why Should I use ADA WEB PROTECT?

We provide comprehensive and affordable front to back ADA compliance services to ensure your business is protected. We offer certified third-party validation to ensure the highest level of the compliance process and maximum legal protection. For web developers, we offer the industry’s best ADA Compliance Management Platform that provides the most efficient compliance process plus third-party validation that ensures the best case efforts.

We offer a free Initial web site auto scan and free follow up consultation. The initial auto scan provides us a snapshot to the depth of any ADA compliance issues. We then follow up with a free consultation were we layout pathways to achieving and maintaining future compliance. Finally, for companies that engage our process, we offer third-party Certification of your company’s best case efforts to achieve and maintain ADA compliance.

I have a small company, why should I worry?

One of our recent clients with an 8-page web site was recently sued for $30,000. If you have an online presence your exposed to legal actions.

We run a SAS customer management application, can you help us?

Yes, our expert professionals are experienced in all levels of ADA compliance complexities, including SAS applications. The first step is easy and free !!! – Start now – button click to sign up form

We are a web developer or have our own internal IT staff, how can you help us?

We can assist your compliance requirements in a number of ways

  1. Access to our Accessibility Compliance Management Platform For companies that perform their own internal compliance fixes, our Platform is the markets most advanced tool on the market can save your company hundreds of programming man hours. The platform also identifies all non compliance issues, tracks all compliance task and provides a historical report of compliance actions
  2. Monthly Monitoring and Third Party Validation We offer monthly monitoring that confirms your sites ongoing compliance progress and maintenance. We issue a monthly report and third party validation of compliance actions
  3. Certification For companies that engage our services and meet minimum standards we offer certification of your companies’ compliance best case efforts

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